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Lenticular images have been around since the early 1950's. Although often confused with Holograms, Lenticulars are clearer and much brighter. They are constructed by using a Ribbed Plastic sheet placed over an image containing the different steps of the lenticular effect. The Ribbed lense reflects the images underneath and by looking at the lenticular from different angles you see the required effect.

Auto stereograms (lenticulars) are two stereo images that are divided into thin vertical strips and alternated vertically on a print surface consisting of plastic ripples called lenticules. Each of the viewer's eyes sees the strips from only one of the images and then the brain puts the two sets of images coming one from each eye into a single image with depth, just as we do in regular live human vision. Lenticular imagry is believed by a large number of stereographers to be the most promising area of commercial and personal stereography in this next century.

You can create a Lenticular effect with a regular photograph or by computer generated 3D artwork.

Images in Motion is able to produce almost any size lenticular, in any quantity, much quicker than anybody else, and at highly competitive prices.

Lenticular is perfect for products which need to attract the customers attention, and keep it.

Small Format Lenticular is manufactured with thin lenses, thus allowing the items to fit into envelopes etc. They are also very light, for postage purposes & are viewable from a relative close distance (0.3 -1m). The motion is triggered by the viewer's hand action.Due to the fact that it has both real depth, and movement, it fascinates both adults and children.

Large Format Lenticular is manufactured with thicker lenses and are durable and fairly rigid. They are viewable from a relative distance between (1 -50m). The motion is triggered by the viewer's movement past the display item. Lenticular allows the display of several images in one poster and does not require any maintenance.

Special types of Lenticular are manufactured in association with our international partners due to the specialised equipment required.

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3D / Depth

Lenticulars have been produced for many local and international brands and events, such as:

MTN | Vodacom | Nedbank | Standard Bank | Old Mutual | BMW | Tang
Zappa | Distell (Hunters) | Smirnoff | Fish Eagle Brandy | SAB
Liberty Life | Anglocoal | Ford (Ford Lumina Launch in Middle East)
The Matrix (United Kingdom) | Irish Post Office (Ireland) | BP (Chronicles of Narnia) SPUR | STEERS | Arrive Alive and so on...................

Applications for Lenticular:

Promotions, Product launches, Magazine Inserts
Trading Cards / Business Cards
Video covers
POS displays / Shelftalkers
Covers for Annual Reports

Self-Animating Lenticular units, move the paper relative to the lens, or it rotates in a lightbox.This is ideal for stationery queues at Sales Points.It gives attention grabbing, cost effective advertising. The paper or the lenticular can be replaced to change the campaign, without have to discard the entire unit. The motion is triggered by either the self-contained, motorized, battery or an electrical operated unit.
It is perfect for Counter Tops, Till points, Store Shelves, Pubs and any other place where large numbers of people gather.